Using solar for cooling is much simpler than it might appear. The most common, robust and competitive way to generate electrical cooling is compressor refrigeration. We developed a system to power 1-phase and 3-phase compressors directly by photovoltaic power. The higher the sun irradiation, the better the cooling performance. Storing cooling power with our ice storage solution is very simple as well. During the day a specially developed ice tank charges in parallel to the cooling process.

Overnight the ice tank discharges to maintain the cold room temperature.

Any state-of-the-art solar system requires a grid, either public or based on generators and batteries. To run high power 3-phase motors as used for powerful cooling units requires a quite high and expensive technical effort. Our solar cooling units operate independently from the grid by using a unique power electronic unit and motion control system.

Our photovoltaic generator covers the required daily cooling load for simultaneously operating the cold room and freezing water for power storage. When compared to lead acid or other batteries, cold power storage is very robust and a much cheaper solution. Even the density of capacity is quite competitive: one cubic meter (1m3) of ice can store the same power as 100 car batteries.

Solar cooling can be used for smaller applications, such as for cold rooms in rural areas to store agriculture goods. Even better our system is working for higher cooling power. Whether for warehouses, food production or industrial use, producing solar cooling power with our technology is a sustainable, scalable solution. Our solar powered cooling units are practical for almost any application.